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Dental Sleep Medicine

A dentist is often the earliest diagnostician of sleep disorders.

Sleep apnea is a very common type of disorder, affecting over 18 million Americans. It is an involuntary stoppage of breathing that occurs while sleeping. Are you sleepy all the time, snoring, obese, waking in the morning with dry mouth or headaches? These can all be signs that you may have sleep apnea and be totally unaware.

“I was having trouble sleeping , as well as grinding my teeth causing my jaw to ache. Dr. Russo recommended I take a sleep study test. I picked up the monitor one afternoon at their office, wore it that night, and had the results the next day. The results showed I have sleep apnea and I grind my teeth at night. Dr. Russo then suggested the Herbst sleep appliance would help me with both my sleeping and grinding. Within a weeks time, it has improved my quality of sleep as well as decreased my grinding. My sleep rates from my fit bit are in the 80’s, which is a great improvement. I would 100% recommend a Herbst sleep appliance. Thank you Dr. Russo.”

Sheila Yule

The vast majority of sleep apnea patients go undiagnosed and untreated, despite the fact that this disorder can have serious consequences. Among them are high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, memory problems, weight gain, impotence, as well as diabetes, depression and other ailments. The longer the disease goes untreated, the greater the negative side effects and associated health risks. It can be deadly.


So how do you know if you might be affected by a sleep-related breathing disorder? Previously a patient had to undergo spending a night in a hospital or sleep lab to determine this. Today with technical advancements, we have a state of the art monitor that allows us to diagnose very accurately if these problems exist. It is a simple overnight test that you perform in your own home, and our unique software records if there are any problems the next morning. It accurately assesses your grinding, snoring, and stoppages of breathing. It provides us with precise measurements of what is happening to you at night while you are asleep. Best of all, at Russo Dental, we provide this test FREE of Charge.

Now we know if there is an issue, so what is the solution? For many years, a CPAP machine was the treatment of choice. But for those of you who may have used one, it can be cumbersome, involves wearing a mask, and is difficult to travel with because of its size. Over 50 percent of the patients who use a CPAP machine are not using them within a year. Many patients prefer a smaller, lightweight dental appliance that they wear in their mouth while sleeping. It repositions the jaw to allow a better air flow. As a result, it will stop snoring, help avoid stoppages of breathing while asleep, and protect your teeth from night grinding. If this sounds like something that might benefit you, come on in for a no charge consultation to discuss it.